The Nature of Stoneware

We make all our own clay, glazes and decorating colours, which we fire to around 1300°C, in a carefully controlled reduction atmosphere. This combines a richness and depth of quality with permanence and durability, giving us a unique palette.

Stoneware has its own characteristics and iron spots occur naturally in the raw materials and occasionally come to the surface during firing. They can range in size from a tiny freckle (considered acceptable, especially on the back or inside of the piece) to a much bigger mark.  They will not affect the function or durability of the pot, and we are very careful to select pieces where they don’t detract from the decoration.

Certain colours can also change depending on the glaze thickness and position in the kiln – this is particularly true with our red! These variations are considered part of the quality and are a unique and desirable feature of Highland Stoneware.

Individual freehand painting is a main characteristic of Highland Stoneware. and our artists are encouraged  to innovate and develop designs, and to make each piece different.